Successful companies are more than just the marriage of passion and capital. Great companies begin with clear vision. Entrepreneurs must be able to clearly articulate why they have chosen to create a business, what that business does, why people will buy its services, and what the business ultimately seeks to achieve. Companies also reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their teams: your team should be dedicated, capable, and have good reasons for working together to create a company.

Great companies also understand the need for balancing the realistic and the unrealistic. No great company has ever been built on purely realistic assumptions; we expect you to believe that your company can and will dominate its segment and provide more value than potential competitors could hope to achieve. But entrepreneurs also understand the value of realism that creating a company is hard work, that details matter, and that value must be realized for employees and shareholders.

Our area of primary interest and our area of greatest expertise is early stage technology ventures; we are especially interested in Internet related ventures. Our Investors primarily invest at the seed or early stage, with a typical investment of $50,000-$1,000,000.

If your company fits this profile, if you are passionate, dedicated, have a clear vision and the drive to dominate your segment, we want to hear from you.

What We Provide

We provide more than capital, we provide the insight that comes with having been through exactly the same process you are experiencing now. Although we are venture capitalists, we can see things from your perspective and offer suggestions that may not be apparent to people who have not,  fought to see their vision realized. Our partners can help you with strategy, marketing, product ideas, recruiting, and on raising additional capital. We want our partnership to be meaningful and will do everything we can to help you make your business succeed.

Submit Your Plan to Us

If you would like your venture considered by Revolution Capital Partners, please submit a 10 - 20 page PowerPoint presentation containing an overview of your business, including your company idea, your team, the market, the competition, and your distribution model.

You may submit this presentation via either email at:

or via mail at:

Revolution Capital Partners
11840 Nicholas Street
Suite 200
Omaha, Nebraska 68154

Although Revolution Capital Partners is open to receiving information about new companies, we ask entrepreneurs not to submit any information or materials considered proprietary or confidential. Due to the large number of business plans and related materials that we review, and the similarities in such plans and materials, we cannot accept responsibility for protecting against disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.
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