Digital Defense Group is a developer and supplier of biometric security products known as the Factor4 and IronGate Biocards.
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The Pizza Gourmet Co. is a new concept restaurant focused around taking classic Italian and other family favorites and turn them into pizzas by combining fresh and distinctive ingredients to create innovative tastes that consumers could easily identify with, yet had never previously associated with pizza.
HealthLok is a secure web portal used by patients (and their providers) to create, maintain and communicate their Personal Health Record (PHR). In minutes, you can create a Personal Health Record for you and your loved ones, your children, spouse, parents, grandparents or anyone for whom you are a legal guardian. With HealthLok, you can feel confident that you'll have access to your complete health information anywhere and at any time for any of your healthcare providers. With HealthLok, you can print your Personal Health Record information to take with you and your loved ones when you see your physicians and healthcare providers.
Vente Inc., an Experian company, is a leader in permission-based marketing. Vente helps connect businesses with the customers and prospects they're looking for quickly, accurately and on time. Using our in-depth consumer data, we help you get the most from your marketing budget.