Our Network is a collection of sharp, successful investors, business leaders, operating executives, and entrepreneurs. They share resources to support young ventures that promise to make a significant impact on the world.

The 'A' List

The list of members in the Revolution Capital Partner's Network reads like a Who's Who in the Internet business. We cater to CEO's, individuals, institutional investors, and corporate investors. Individuals are typically entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior corporate executives.

Our institutional and corporate co-investors represent many of the top financial firms in the country. Revolution Capital works in partnership with both private and public companies to transform internal projects or divisions into independent companies.

Teaming up with brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs, combining a Network of value-creating investors with blue-chip companies, Revolution Capital launches exciting ventures the right way. We combine the power of entrepreneurship with the magic of technology.

We believe the best is yet to come as we explore the dreams of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs for the big ideas that will shape the next century. As part of the Revolution Capital Value Creation Network, you have the opportunity to play an important role in this process.
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