At Revolution Capital Partners, we apply a different kind of methodology to build great companies. By employing a proven, replicable value-added process, we build companies for the long-term.

First, we start with bold ideas that have the potential of changing things.  Once we take on a new venture, we devote a multitude of resources to their growth, including early stage investments. Through our Value Creation Network, Sector Group Experts, and Venture Resources Teams, we try to provide everything a young company needs:

    * Experienced executive-level staff

    * Board Members that get actively involved

    * Advisors to provide needed strategic direction

    * Sector experts who know the field inside and out

    * A team to assist young venture companies with needed services, such as:

          o Human Resources
          o Executive Resources
          o Corporate Partnering
          o Marketing & Sales
          o Information Technology
          o Finance & Capital Markets

The infusion of these resources, plus the depth and strength of our Network, positions Revolution Capital portfolio companies to lead the way.

Getting Funded: Some Practical Advice

The following are issues to consider when seeking funding from a Venture Capital firm.

Tip #1 - Find Someone That Can Bring Talent

Look for a firm that brings talent to the table. Being able to attract the right executives, board members and advisors can make all the difference.

Tip #2 - Efficiency Matters

The less time you spend raising capital, the more time you can devote to building a great company. Look for a firm that has a track record of closing quickly.

Tip #3 - Find a Partner, Not a Boss

Typically, the best entrepreneurs don't want to work for someone else. Find a firm who trusts you.

Tip #4 - Values of the VC firm

If a firm you are considering is only interested in financial return, think twice about signing with them. Find a firm that is passionate about your idea, and believes in making a significant impact. One that will do what is necessary.

Tip #5 - Access to the Right People

Look for someone with access to Blue Chip companies and partners. In the early stages of your company's development, it is important to work with a firm that can help you establish new relationships; including potential customers and partners.

Tip #6 - Long-Term Commitment

Some firms will provide capital for one round only or the first year only, and aren't looking to stay with you from conception until maturity. Long-term partners add value by working with you to develop your company by committing to your success.
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